Albertson's Pay It Forward

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Happy Crazy Amazing Day!! Today’s pay it forward story took place at an Albertson’s in West Covina, California. A customer while shopping couldn't help but notice a  man counting his pennies while putting back a bottled drink. Wanting to make a difference, but not knowing how, the customer continues shopping. Once in the cashier’s line, it just so happens the man got in line behind her. Feeling like this was more than a coincidence, and wanting to take advantage of this opportunity to make a difference, she hands the cashier a $100.00 bill and asks the cashier to pay for everyone’s groceries until the money runs out. The cashier was blown away at this act of kindness and proceeded to do as instructed. She was able to pay for the elderly man’s purchase along with the groceries for a family in dire need for food. A single mother living paycheck to paycheck knew she needed to purchase some basic food items to feed her family until payday. Knowing she had nothing in her account, and that her check would bounce, she was ready to write a check then she discovered that her groceries were paid for! Overwhelmed with gratitude, she ran out into the parking lot and flagged down the person who paid it forward and thanked her explaining how much this act of kindness has helped her and her family. This story touched all our hearts as the act of a single kind gesture helped touch so many that day. This story made it on KIIS FM radio with Ryan Seacrest segment Tell Me Something Good and continued to touch the lives of many listening in. We hope this story inspired many to continue to pay it forward and help continue this movement!

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